Response Time Index Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler system time line. John carey designs a system of perforated pipes, plungers, and burning strings. And response time index. In order to predict sprinkler activation time, the response time index. And the conduction factor. This paper describes the. Thermal sensitivity is the response time index. Response sprinklers are residential, quick. Response and early suppression fast. Automatic sprinkler thermal sensitivity. Clarifying the terms fast response and quick response. Which utilizes the concept of a response time index.
Response time index. Water mist nozzles a measure of nozzle sensitivity expressed as rti. 5, where t is the time constant of the. Response time index of concealed sprinkler head from building s bse. At the hong kong polytechnic university. Using wind tunnel to study the. How is response time index. Rti stands for response time index. Rti is defined as response time index.
Fire source in the determination of sprinkler response time. Sprinkler, response time, heat loss, ceiling jets, radiation. Introduction sprinkler response time is one of the major elements in evaluating the effectiveness of sprinkler system, since either too early or too late actuation of sprinkler may result in a false response or the failure of fire suppression. Special technical data response sprinklers april 19, the viking corporation, n industrial park drive, response time index. The response time of fire sprinklers is essential for their performance, especially in applications where life safety protection is desired. Below the design temperature, it does not break, and above the design temperature, it breaks, taking less time to break as temperature increases above the design threshold. The response time is expressed as a response time index. Which typically has values between 35 and. Where a low value indicates a fast response.
International journal on engineering performance. Based fire codes, number l, p. 6, 1 response time index of sprinklers c. Illustrative examples are given for the change in response time for sprinklers with rti values of 25, , and. M 1 2, s 1 2, to a given fire in a series of compartments ranging in floor area from 23. For comparative purposes sprinkler response is also calculated for the limiting case of an unconfined ceiling. In glass sprinkler heads are studied including the pendent type and concealed type. Experimental results are reported and particularly, the time constant. And the rti have been compared under different air temperature and velocities. In this paper, the results of standard pendent type sprinkler. Will be discussed in detail.