Oathbound Paladin Starting Stats

Oathbound paladin rating. For stats in neverwinter, aim to hit the hard. Soft cap of your primary stat, then secondary and so forth. The oathbound paladin is. The paragon paths available to oathbound paladins are the. When you heal an ally you also increase their stats by 5. S realm main character oathbound paladin tank and spank build and advanced character tactics. Learn the ins and outs to a great tank and spank op.
I may also try a human oathbound paladin as well. Once i get enough astral diamonds. However long that may take. The auction house has the metallic ancestral dragonborn at around. I can perfect the build by using the metallic ancestral dragonborn. Oathbound paladin, what stats does it want. Just glancing over its talents. Etc, it feels like a tankier healing class, and it gets damage from. Xselli presents his oathbound paladin build on neverwinter unblogged. Its main purpose is to present a viable tank with a heavy focus on buffs. Any other leftover stats you get. So you may be wondering why so many dps stats. Trust me, we will get into that in the skills section.