Npc Registration Process

Registration process is divided into two steps. Name reservations will be made, which will take 5. Expect an email like this from npc once they process your registration for phase 1. S actually it for phase 1. Frequently asked questions for phase. A non profit company. Is a business entity that is not driven by profit. They are also granted tax. Exemption status by the revenue service. Donations made to a non profit company are usually tax deductible for the businesses or individuals making the donations.
Npc extends the registration deadline for data processing systems to 8 march. Dpo registration still due on 9 september. Registration of non profit company. Without members with a standardised. Applying for a name as part of the process. Npc announced deadlines for phase 2 of data processing systems and phase 1 of dpo registration.
Registration of its data processing systems with the commission shall be one of the means through which a pic or pip demonstrates its compliance with the dpa, its irr, and other relevant issuances of the npc. Registration information submitted by a pic or pip to the commission are presumed to contain all required information on its data processing systems that are active or existing during the validity of such registration. You may apply for between 1 and 4 names during each application process. Each name reservation application costs r50. A company registration may vary between r. For a private company, r. Profit company registered without members. There are five types of companies that you can register. To let us know how we can assist you and to learn more about npc registrations and what is involved, we welcome you to get in touch with us today.