Sota Silver Pulser Cancer

Pulsed kilogauss magnetic fields. Do not remove the plastic case covering the head of any pulser. The plastic case is to prevent a strong electrical shock. The purpose of the magnetic pulser is to put back into circulation microbes which do not flow through the blood. Sota instruments inc. The silver pulser offers a unique way to deliver microcurrents. Electrodes are placed on the wrist over the two pulse points. I used the beck units. The cancer quickly went into remission and remains there today. Treated one of my clinic patients who had been given the 6 weeks to live scenario from her dr. She had massive cancer tumors throughout the right breast and lymph.
That is so cool to hear this about your friend. I bought myself a silver pulser and magnetic pulser, and although i have skin cancer in remission i bought. Simple instructions. A naturopathic doctor explains how he used bob beck. S magnetic pulser to help clear his dog of bone cancer. It is the most wonderful thing, the silver pulser. I have had very good results. I am 91 years old and bought the silver pulser almost twenty years ago. The sota machine is on my list of natural things i recommend.
Demonstration on how to use the micropulsing function of the sota silver pulser model sp7. A transcription of this video is available here. The sota silver pulser is packaged in a custom soft carrying case for easy storage. Each silver pulser is a professionally designed quality instrument, thoroughly tested on an oscilloscope and is guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. Heal yourself at home. About cancer or any other modality including any protocols that have been written for use with the sota silver pulser.