Ysgramor Armor Id

Next time you make a mod saying it. S armor make it at least look like it does on the statue. Ysgramor turkish translation. Can now be found in the same chest as armor. Armor added to ysgramor in sovngarde. Ysgramor is a legendary atmoran hero warrior who can be encountered in sovngarde. He wears ancient nord armor, rather than the unique armor he is seen. Posted in skyrim mod requests. I hate to ask, but could someone make ysgramor. And to be more specific.
Schild von ysgramor daten art schild rüstungswert 30 id. E41d8 der schild von ysgramor ist ein schild in the elder scrolls v. Siehe auch ysgramors grab ysgramors suppenlöffel schild von. S tomb, displayed in a corner of the final. The tomb can only be accessed during and after the companions quest glory of the dead.